Friday, May 17, 2013

Dry Erase Fridge Scenes

Wow!  I just saw that my little blog has had over 20,000 views!  That is amazing!  Thanks for all the interest.  We happened upon this next activity by accident but it has proved to be very fun and time consuming ;)

Sidney found some of my dry erase pens and started coloring on the refrigerator (thankfully she didn't color on anything else besides her hands!).  I was not made aware of her artistic expression until she asked me to draw her a flower, which turned into a big outdoor mural for her My Little Pony magnets to play.

My older girls are both at the age (3 and 5) where they love to pretend-play.  That's pretty much all they do these days is make believe.  I love hearing them come up with crazy little stories!

Everything wiped off nicely with a Magic Eraser.  I LOVE those things!  They can clean anything.  Here are a bunch of Magic Eraser Tips and Tricks.

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