Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Clara's Nursery

Clara was my only baby to have her own bedroom waiting for her upon arrival.  When Ava was born, Tim and I were living in a small one-bedroom apartment in NYC so her crib stayed in the family room/kitchen.  When Sidney was born, Tim and Ava and I were living in a slightly larger (but still small) two-bedroom apartment outside Chicago so Sidney's crib stayed in the family room/kitchen.  We moved into our first (and current) home when Sidney was 4 months old and we finally acquired some much needed SPACE!  

While we were preparing for Clara's arrival, I felt like the nursery needed to be 100% ready.  I never had the chance before to pick out paint colors and drapes.  I never even bought a proper crib for Ava or Sidney or any other furniture for that matter.  We just didn't have the space.  Now that I had a space for Clara, I felt like I needed to "ready" it.  I tried my best, but it wasn't 100% ready.  Closer to 50% at best.

Had I known then what I know now, I would have cut myself some slack.  As it turned out, for the first 3 months Clara slept in the family room (which is outside our master bedroom) in Ava's old mini-crib that we bought in NYC when Ava was born!  No one set foot in Clara's bedroom for MONTHS!  It was just easier to have her on the first floor with me all day and night.  It's funny how you fall into your old routines.  I still have never changed Clara's diaper in her bedroom.  I always change her in the family room.  I guess we didn't really need as much space as I thought.

Clara is almost 7 months old now and sleeps in her bedroom so I decided it was time to finish it.  It's come a long way - about 85% complete!  I did a lot of Pinterest searching to get ideas. Here are some pictures.

Tree Decal
I bought the tree decal online at Dali Decals.  They have the largest selection and the decals are very easy to apply.

Drapes and Drape Rod
I bought linen drapes from Pottery Barn.  They have good sales on their drapes if you can hold out!
 I bought the trim at Joann's and used fabric glue to adhere it to the drapes.  It was super easy and I haven't had any problems.
 I bought the drape rod at Lowes.

ABC Frames
The frames and matte came from Pottery Barn Kids (a long time ago) and I bought the ABC flash cards from Land of Nod (also a long time ago).  I taped the flash cards to yellow paper before taping them to the matte.  I had one extra space so I typed up the last line of the ABC song lyrics in a fun font and printed it on yellow paper.

Footprint Frame
When my girls were born, I brought card stock to the hospital and had the nurses make some extra footprints for me when they did the hospital footprints.  I found the cute frame at Hobby Lobby.  They have the best frames and they're always 50% off! 

Wall Decorations
 I bought the Shakespeare quote painted on the wood pallet on Etsy.  I love this quote.  It's perfect for my little girls.  The green cross frame came from Hobby Lobby.

I bought wooden letters and painted them with some extra paint from Ava's room.  I stuck them to the wall using sticky tack.  The frame collage came from Hobby Lobby.

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