Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Clara's Paw Patrol Birthday Party

Hi!  I'm still here!  I've been too busy to blog lately, but Clara just celebrated her 4th birthday and the Paw Patrol party was a HUGE hit so I thought I'd share.  PS - I was not paid by Nick Jr for this post.  I just loved all their free stuff!!!


Pin the Badge on Skye
This free poster came from the Nick Jr. Paw Patrol website.  I taped the poster together and also taped it to a piece of pink poster board, then laminated it.  I cut out the badges and laminated them as well so everything could be reused.

Clara's first attempt was a little bit off ;)

Photo Booth Props
The photo booth props were also free printables on the Nick Jr. Paw Patrol Website.  I cut out and laminated the Skye masks as well so that they wouldn't tear.  I found the pink elastic cord at Michaels.
I didn't laminate the Paw Patrol face cut out but I did tape it to white poster board.

I made the backdrop for the photo booth using brown craft paper and circle punches to make the paw prints.

(see Part 6: Templates for info about signs)


Table Decor
The Paw Patrol confetti on the tables came from a Nick Jr. Paw Patrol Potty Chart free printable. I made the table runner using the same materials from the photo booth.  

Birthday Wreath
Click here to see how I made our birthday balloon wreath.


I found these cute dog bowls at Dollar Tree.

I had a local baker make this cute cake based off a picture I found online.  We used Clara's toys as cake toppers.


I found Clara's outfit (pants, shirt and bow) on Etsy.  Unfortunately, when I received the outfit two days before the party the shirt had been made incorrectly!  She's only turning 4!!!

The Etsy shop couldn't send me a replacement in time for the party so they just refunded my money.  Luckily I have wonderful friends who came to my rescue.  One friend loaned me a Paw Patrol shirt to match Clara's outfit.
And another friend had this cute matching shirt made at Zoey's Attic in time for the party!
I'm so grateful to have awesome friends in my life :)

All of the signs that you see can be tailored for your party and purchased.  See Part 6: Templates below.

Station 1: Clara's Pet Adoption Store
I wrapped a cardboard box in a green plastic table cloth.  Then I used white card stock to make the fence.  The Adoption Certificate and Pet License came from the Nick Jr. Paw Patrol website.

The girls are obsessed with Beanie Boos!
 I cut out the Adoption Certificates and Pet Licenses and taped them to card stock.

Station 2: Clara's Animal Hospital

Station 3: Clara's Pet Grooming
I found the Paw Patrol lanyards at Party City.  I used elastic hair bands as a pet collar to attach the lanyard like a like a lease.

Station 4: Decorate a Dog Bone
I used a template to make the dog bones and found the stickers at Dollar Tree.  I used white card stock to make the bones.

Station 5: Make your own Pup Tag
I found the Pup Tag template on the Nick Jr. website. I used card stock and thin ribbon for the pup tags.
I also printed off some coloring pages from the Nick Jr. website. I found the Paw patrol bucket holding the markers at Party City.


If you'd like to purchase tailored PDF templates for your party
1. Click the link to my Paypal account to pay the $5 for the templates:
2. Leave your email address, the name of your son/daughter (so I can edit your files) and the type of party you're having in the PayPal comments. 
My turnaround time is 2-3 days.  
I can also tailor the files for other animals if you are not using dogs.

Happy 4th Birthday to my baby. Mama loves you.

For more ideas, check out my Paw Patrol Birthday Party Pinterest board.
Also check out my Puppy Dog & Kitty Cat Birthday Party post and Pinterest board for ideas!

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