Monday, October 26, 2015

Dinosaur Birthday Party


When Clara started showing interest in dinosaurs I thought it was going to be a quick phase. I'm so glad I was wrong.  This party was so much fun to plan and unlike most parties I've planned for my two older girls.  But probably the best part was seeing how much Clara loved her party.  She went from 1 dinosaur toy to more dinosaur toys than she knows what to do with!  Here are some of the party highlights:

Clara's outfit is the cutest!  I got it from the Etsy shop Wiggles and Giggles, which is where I bought Clara's for her train birthday party last year.  The shirts are super comfy and wash well.  She will wear this all year long.  I already had the tutu skirt and it happened to match the sleeve color perfectly! Yay!

When I was looking around for Clara's outfit, I found a bunch of fun dinosaur shirts on Etsy for the rest of us too!
The older girls' shirts came from Fresh Frog Tees, my t-shirt came from Priceless Kids and Tim's shirt came from Crazy Dog Tshirts.

My cousin, Cindy, made these adorable cookies for the party.  She used my dairy and egg free sugar cookies recipe so that Clara and Sidney could eat them!!!  They were DELICIOUS!

Clara picked out the cake design at McArthur's Bakery.  We added a chocolate mousse filling that made it so yummy.

The last dino-related treat are these gummy dinos that I found on Amazon. They're produced in a nut-free facility too!

I found all of the plastic table cloth, dino masks and dino plates and napkins at Walmart.  
I bought the dinosaur confetti on Etsy from Paper Kisses Inc. 

Clara helped me make these Dinosaur Crayons, which took FOREVER to make but turned out so super cute.  We put a couple in little gift bags for her sisters and cousins.  I found the wood dinosaurs at Dollar Tree!  The kids used the dinosaur crayons to decorate their dinosaur.

We also had a Dino Egg Hunt in the basement.  I made bags for the kids to hold their dino bags.  The bags came from Dollar Tree and the dino die cuts came from Paper Kisses Inc.  I bought the dinosaur eggs that had tiny dinosaurs inside on Amazon.

I loved this party so much.  Watching Clara having so much fun made my day and then some. Clara's a pretty unique kid and I feel so lucky that she's mine.  Let's hope that year 3 doesn't fly by as fast as year 2 did!  Here are a few of my favorite pics from the party :)

After much searching, I found these cute Thank You notecards on Etsy too.  The little dinosaur designs are perfect!

As soon as she woke up the next morning this is what she did :)  Having so much fun playing with all her new toys!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dinosaur Crayons

My littlest one, Clara, has requested a Dinosaur-themed 3rd birthday party.  Probably not a typical theme for a three year old girl's birthday, but Clara is anything but typical.  I love that about her.

I've been looking around for dino party ideas and I found some dinosaur coloring books at Dollar Tree.  My girls love to color.  Especially with fun crayons!

I found an oven-safe dinosaur mold on Amazon and I've been saving the girls' old crayons.

I used a sharp knife to cut the wrapper off the crayon.

Then I cut the crayons into small pieces and grouped them by color.

Then I filled the mold with crayons.

Then I placed the mold on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven, heated to 275 degrees for 5-10 minutes. The time it takes to melt the crayons may vary based on the brand of  crayon you use.  Once the crayons are melted, take them out to solidify.

Once all the crayons have melted, I popped mine in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to solidify. Then you can turn the dino mold inside out to get the crayon out.

So darn cute!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


She is a force.
Loves her family  {{{especially her mama}}}
Loves ALL non-girly things and some girly things too.
Loves dinosaurs, trains, construction trucks, Transformers, action figures, the sandbox at school (...), playing hide-and-seek, BounceU, ponies, Halloween and tutus.
Has more enthusiasm for school than any kid I know.
Asks to do her "homework" and eat yogurt.
Cries LOUDLY when she's been "wronged".
Stands up for herself.
Gives the best hugs.
Her face is my face as a kid.  So weird to see my kid-face when I look at her. 
Has the cutest, squeakiest little voice and a face with so much expression.  Knows how to work the eye brows.
She will tell anyone and everyone, "We don't say 'Damn it'. That's a bad word.  We say 'Oh darn!'."
So, so, so silly. Puts a smile on my face every day.
Takes at least 10 toys to bed with her, even though big sisters are still not aloud to have toys in their rooms.
Says "I sorry mama, but I still love you" when she's gotten in trouble.  And just like that she's not in trouble anymore.
Asks me to go lay in my bed so we can snuggle after big sisters go to school.  Can't say no to that.
Calls her feet her "fuddies".  My favorite word.
Loves to be tickled.  Says "Tickle me mama!" Then says, "Okay mama that's ENOUGH!"
Loves to be carried, especially piggy-back.
Swings HIGH on the big kid swings.  Holds on tight.  Smokes the drop.
Asks me, "Mama, are you happy?" when I'm having a bad day. Always cheers me up.
Loves lollipops.
Loves running errands with mama.
Knows all the stores that hand out lollipops to kids.
So excitable.  Says, "Mom, c'mere!  Check it out!  This is so awesome!"
Has the best hair.
Loves the color black.
Dada is THE man in her life.
Loves her big sisters.
Nana's and Papa's are her fave.
Loves her cousins, "Unca Cwis" and "Aunt Cwistina"
Some of her common phrases: 
   "Please I show you?"
   "Please you carry me?"
   "Whoopies!" which means oops!
   "That's alarious!" which means hilarious

I love her so much my heart hurts.  How is she three already???

Happy 3rd birthday Clara-beans ("No I Clara!")!!
I hope it's filled with lots of non-melty chocolate :)

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