Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dollar Crafts: World Bird Sanctuary Bird Houses

I took the girls to Lone Elk Park and the World Bird Sanctuary a while back.  It was a fun little "field trip-y" outing.  Ava and Sidney hopped in the front seat and got to see some wild life up-close and in person.

I am told this is an elk.  It was enjoying lunch about 3 feet from my car!

The World Bird Sanctuary is right next door to Lone Elk Park so we headed over there next.

There were lots of birds in and out of cages for the girls to run around and see, but the highlight was finding new bird houses!!

I bought the girls wooden bird houses last year because they love painting anything wooden. 

I never expected that these cheap little bird houses would actually house a family of birds.

The bottom was falling off the bird house and when we took it down to hot glue gun it back together we discovered a birds nest with EGGS!  We literally duct taped it back together so that it would hold up until the baby birds were born and could fly.  The duct tape worked but that's when we knew it was time to buy a legitimate bird house for our new feathered friends.

I didn't know this until our visit but you can buy legitimate bird houses for a $2 donation (or more if you're feeling generous!) at the World Bird Sanctuary!  The girls saw them and immediately asked if we could buy some for the bird family in our back yard.  How could I say no to that??!!

We used our left over outdoor "Patio" paint from our Flower Pots and got to work on the bird houses.  I prefer to use outdoor paint outside because it doesn't wash out very easily.  Wouldn't you know that as soon as we set up outside, it started to rain (!) which is why all my pictures are in my garage.

Ava did some color blocking.
Sidney really wanted her name on her bird house.
Clara sat patiently in her stroller looking cute as always.

I wanted to post pictures of the finished bird houses hanging in our trees, but the fun ended abruptly when I discovered that Ava had accidentally locked us out of the house!  Uh oh!  I'll get the pictures up another time.  Hopefully we'll have some new feathery tenants by then!

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