Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4th of July Streamers

Around the time of the Summer Olympics, the girls and I made these ribbon wands:

They have played with them quite a bit and the ribbons are starting to shred so I thought that the 4th of July holiday was a good time to make a new ribbon toy.

Here is what I used to make the streamers:

First, I had Ava cut the ribbon pieces (I found the ribbon in the dollar bins at Michaels!).  Then I used a hold puncher to make a cut in the ribbon so that she could string them on to the metal rings.

While Ava cut the ribbon pieces, I worked on cutting the tulle.  I also cut my tulle pieces in half width-wise.  Then I alternated a red, white and blue tulle piece in between each ribbon piece.

The girls have made up many dance routines using their streamers!

Here are some projects that we did last year for the 4th of July:

Popsicle Stick Flag Magnet


Happy 4th!

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