Monday, July 15, 2013

Baby Knee Pads

Clara finally graduated from army crawling to a legitimate crawl!

I noticed that she crawls very slowly across our terra cotta tile floor in the kitchen (not pictured) which made me wonder if it's painful for her.  While I love its appearance and durability, I look forward to the day when I can replace it with something that easier on the joints (wow, I sound like an old lady!).

When I was pregnant with Clara, I had to wear tennis shoes in the kitchen because the floor did a number on my back, ankles and knees.  I actually had to see a physical therapist during my second and third trimester because I could barely walk.  When my parents and Tim's parents come to visit, they always complain about how hard our kitchen floor is on them.  They now keep a spare pair of slippers at our house (we try not to wear shoes in our house to cut down on the dirt and allergens).

In an effort to help Clara avoid knee problems in her old lady days, I found these cute little knee pads from Lil' Melon.  I love them because they're super soft and padded just enough to protect her knees but not too much that it inhibits her ability to crawl easily.  (Get ready for a barrage of pictures of Clara that I couldn't edit down to a reasonable amount).

 The Paper Gate is back up.
 On your mark...
So proud of herself.

They have lots of cute designs for boys and girls.  This is one of my favorites for girls:

This is my favorite for boys:

And the back of the knee pads have little slits for ventilation:

You can purchase them on their website or on Amazon.  If you follow them on Facebook, you will get up to date info on their sales and promotions.  Safe crawling!

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Dell said...

Those are some adorable Baby Knee pads. They really make crawling a lot more comfortable for babies.

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