Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Spirit

Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies last night?  We watched a bit of it.  My kids aren't old enough to understand what the Olympics are all about but they sure did have fun with these Olympic arts and crafts projects!

First we went to the Missouri History Museum for their arts and crafts day and the crafts were all centered around the Olympics.  The best project was the USA "Uncle Sam" hat.

 Here is Ava working on her hat.

Then Ava decided that she liked my hat better so she "traded" me.

 Here is Sidney working on her hat (she mostly played with the stickers).

She went crazy for the fireworks.  We put so many fireworks on her hat that we had to prop it up with a Popsicle stick!

The girls also got to decorate their gold medals and make an Olympic torch.

Our last project came from the Disney Family Fun magazine - Ribbon Wands!  All you need is a couple of round sticks, paint or markers and a long ribbon.  I bought one long stick from Michael's and sawed it in half.  We decided to use markers rather than paint because the girls didn't want to wait for the paint to dry.  Then I just wrapped a long, satin ribbon around the end of the wand with fabric tape.  Super quick and easy!

 Sidney loves to craft in her monkey jams!

Ava made her wand a rainbow wand.

Here are some pictures of the girls pretending to be Olympians!


Let the games begin!

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Anonymous said...

Looks fun! We're totally trying it. About how much ribbon did you use?

Cathy said...

I used 5 feet of ribbon for each one. Although my 2 year old, Sidney, probably didn't need that much ribbon. She kept getting it tangled up. But 5 feet was a good length for Ava (4 years old).

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