Monday, July 8, 2013

Neosporin Side Effects

Sidney is her own worst enemy.  She hurts herself on accident all the time.  Tim and I always joked when she was a baby that her motto in life was "It's all gonna work out".  She would fearlessly do things that put herself in danger time after time.  I wondered when she'd learn from her mistakes, but so far I can't see any drastic improvement.  

The safest time during her "mobile life" was when she had to wear a helmet.

She only ended up needing the helmet for 2 months and my mom actually suggested that we leave it on her until she learned to walk!  Our doctor advised against it.  I think she thought we were crazy too.

I know that falling and getting hurt is all a part of growing up but is it so wrong for me to want to prevent my kids from breaking bones (or worse!).  I am a worrier.  I can't help it.

Sidney's latest fall was a nasty one.  She skinned up both knees (which added to the scabs from her previous sidewalk fall) and her nose.

All of my girls have sensitive skin but Sidney's is the worst.  I was worried that the cut on her nose would leave a scar so I called my friend who is a Physician Assistant at a Dermatology office to see if there was anything I could put on her nose to avoid scarring (I was using Neosporin).  She told me to stop using the Neosporin and instead use Vaseline or Aquafor.  Apparently, the main ingredient in Neosporin, neomycin, is more likely than most other antibiotics to cause allergic reactions.  Some of the reported side effects to neomycin are:
- Reddening of the skin
- Itching
- Failure to heal
- Swelling
- Irritation
- Stinging or burning 

When I mentioned this to my mom, she told me that my aunt had a reaction to Neosporin.  Her wound would not heal and actually got worse.  She said she felt and looked like she had Poison Ivy.  I was surprised that I hadn't heard of this before since it now seems fairly common.

Thankfully, the Vaseline worked wonders on Sidney's nose and she's scar-free now!

Thought I'd pass along this information because as everyone likes to remind me, "kids are going to fall and get hurt.  It's just a part of growing up."  Enough already!

PS - I did discover that Neosporin tubes make great teethers!  Clara got 8 teeth in 8 months -Ouch!

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