Tuesday, August 21, 2012

34 Years Young

Today is my birthday!  Doesn't that cake look amazing!  I'm not a big cake person but I think I'd be tempted to eat a piece of that cake.  Since my birthday falls on a Tuesday this year (boo!) we celebrated over the weekend.  The weather was perfect all weekend - I felt so lucky because it has been so unbearably hot outside lately.  Here are a few highlights from the activities:

St. Louis Zoo
I took the girls to the Zoo on Friday.  We hit the usual spots - train, carousel, Penguins and Puffins, lunch and then the train again.

St. Louis Arch
Tim and I hadn't been up in the Arch for years.  So many years that we didn't remember any part of the experience!  This was the girls first time up in the Arch too.  If you go, be sure to go early in the day and reserve your tickets online ahead of time.  The security check point line can back up after 11am.  

These are the tiny window that you can look out.
 Busch Stadium, or as the girls call it, Cardinal Baseball.
Taking a rest in the park outside the Arch with some juice.

Soulard Farmers Market
I wish this farmers market was closer to our home.  It has everything and the prices are great.

We bought the ingredients for Gazpacho Soup (my favorite) at the Farmers Market.  Sidney helped Tim make the soup (see it on the counter in the giant tupperware container - it will last me all week!).

Katie's 4th Birthday Party
Ava's friend, Katie, celebrated her 4th birthday on Sunday.  It was a fairy princess party - so cute!

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday weekend!

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