Friday, August 3, 2012

Flower Bows

I love Michael's clearance deals.  Last week I hit the jackpot on felt flowers.  These little flowers were on clearance for $1.29 for either 5 small flowers or 4 large flowers.

The colors are super cute.  I bought two packages of the small flowers so I could make bows for Ava's "double ponies".  Here's how they turned out:
All I did was cut a circle out of felt, clipped it between the barrette and hot glued the barrette and felt to the back of the flower.  So easy!

Michael's also had a 50% off coupon available this past week.  I always print off a bunch from their website and keep them in my car in case I have the chance to run into the store and look around for a good deal.  This week I discovered Jolee's Boutique flowers.  
They are so beautiful and work great for hair bows.  Here's what I bought with my 50% off coupons:
The pink and purple flowers were easy to convert to bows because they had little slits in the back that the barrette slipped right into.

These flowers had circular stickers on the backs.
I removed the "sticker cover" (I have no idea what that is actually called) and hot glued the felt and barrette over it.

It feels like we have a huge new bow collection now!  And it was so inexpensive!

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