Monday, April 15, 2013

This is Five

Five …
   Sleeps with her Teddy and brings him everywhere
   Loves stickers and temporary tattoos
   Squeezes into size 2T pajamas 
   Helps with chores
   Insists on tagging along on mundane errands
   Has best friends
   Sings along with songs on the radio
   Refuses to wear socks
   Cannot wait to lose a tooth
   Wants to be brave but still hold your hand
   Knows the rules and tries to follow them
   Listens to reason
   Plays pretend with her stuffed animals
   Will do almost anything for a treat
   Is gaining independence
   Tolerates her little sister and adores her baby sister
   Giggles at potty jokes
   Believes in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny
   Has so many questions and needs to clarify everything
   Wants to make a plan and confirm the plan again and again
   Tries to make you laugh non-stop
   Is learning to spell and so proud of it
   Can do simple math and is so proud of it
   Plays board games and card games and loves to win
   Struggles sometimes with being a “big girl”
   Wants to be an artist and a mommy when she grows up
   Asks if there are toys in heaven and can she take Teddy too
   Can swing all by herself
   Talks and talks and talks and…..
   Believes her stuffed animals have feelings
   Will let you know when you hurt her feelings
   Loves her grandparents

"Five is a big deal.  Five goes to Kindergarten and reminds us that while we thought this day would never come and we thought we’d be elated to finally have some free time, we are actually sad to realize that school gets more of your time than we get.  Our heart aches over the passage of time.  Five shows us how fast it goes."

Five years old and full of fire.

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