Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Flower Pots and Garden Labels

To celebrate Earth Day the girls wanted to plant flowers.  We went to Michaels and picked out our flower pots and paint and the girls got to work.

 I happened to catch Sidney on camera the moment she got paint on her chin!

After they pained their pots and drip trays, they painted these wooden spoons which we used to label their flowers.  I used a black Sharpie to write on the spoons.

We let everything dry overnight. I also used a Pinterest tip to clean the paint brushes.  They said to soak the paint brushes in hot vinegar to help release the paint.
I heated the vinegar in the microwave in a glass and soaked the paint brushes for several hours.  It somewhat loosened the paint.  They said you may have to repeat the process several times....I may just buy some new brushes as time is not on my side these days.

The next morning, the girls and I went shopping at a local nursery to find the perfect flowers and some potting soil.  The main requirement was that the flowers needed to be pink (of course).  They finally settled on pink, purple and white Petunias.  We planted and watered the flowers...

And here's how they turned out!

Happy Earth Day!

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