Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Preschool Birthday Party Favors

Last week I got to celebrate Ava's birthday with her at her preschool.  I love getting the chance to see Ava at school interacting with her teachers and friends.  Just as I suspected, she's a bit shy and a bit silly!

Ava got to bring a snack for the kids to eat on her birthday - Oreos and Lemonade!  She also got to give party favors to each of her school friends.  It's hard coming up with a birthday party favor that is fun for boys and girls, unique and inexpensive.  Last year, Ava and I made heart crayons.

It's debatable whether or not the boys were excited for the heart crayons.  Hopefully they appreciated the train erasers that I included with the crayons.

This year, my mom gave me the idea for Ava's party favors - punch balloons!  My mom buys these balloons all the time for family get-togethers and my kids and nieces and nephews LOVE them.  You can buy a bag of 16 balloons for only $6 at Party City!

I found some little initial cards at Party City (or you could make your own with card stock and maybe some birthday stickers) ...

I used a heart-shaped hole puncher to punch holes in each of them and looped the balloon's rubber band through the hole.  Then I wrote a little message on the inside and had Ava sign the cards ...

It was pretty simple and the kids seemed excited to get them!  Please share your ideas!  I have many more years of kid party favors to provide!

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