Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wild Thing!

Ava's Valentine's Day party at preschool is coming up!  Her school allows the kids to exchange Valentine's but they are a peanut and tree nut free school so we have to be careful with the Valentine's day candy.

Last year, we did a candy-free pencil Valentine:

This year, I decided to use candy.  One of Ava's favorite books is Where the Wild Things Are.    After having read it to her 5 or so times, Ava nearly had it memorized page for page.  Here's what I came up with:

I found the .jpg image online and re-sized it.  Then I double stick taped it to red card stock and Ava signed the back.

I used Dove chocolate hearts for the candy (they are nut-free).  

Ava helped me double stick tape the hearts to the card stock.

Ava and I really liked how they turned out!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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