Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY Plastic Snow Globe for Kids

When my mom and I went to NYC last year, I bought Ava a small Statue of Liberty snow globe.  I thought it would be a nice keepsake since she was born there.  The snow globe lasted less than 24 hours when Ava dropped it on our ceramic tile kitchen floor and it shattered.  

Ava has been asking for a snow globe ever since.  I have been hesitant to buy another one for her because I'm pretty sure she'll drop it and I'll have another mess to clean up.  But she has not let up so I decided to try to make a plastic snow globe for her.  It's not nearly as cute, but she's not picky.

The supplies you need are:
- Plastic jar with screw-top lid
- Glycerin
- Glitter
- Plastic figurine 
- Glue gun
- Water

For some reason Ava really wanted a reindeer in the snow globe.  I found all of the supplies above at Hobby Lobby, expect for the Glycerin, which I found at Michael's.  The reindeer was an ornament.

To make the snow globe, I hot glue gunned the reindeer to the jar.  I know you're supposed to glue it to the lid, but Ava insisted I glue it to the bottom of the jar...and it is her snow globe.

Next, I added tap water to just below the top of the jar.  Then I added 0.8 mL of glycerin using a children's medicine syringe.  The glycerin will help slow down the glitter as it falls.  You don't want too much though or it will make the glitter clumpy.

Before I screwed the lid onto the jar, I put hot glue along the inside groves of the lid to secure the seal.

It may not be the cutest snow glow but it's child-proof and Ava loves it!

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