Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rainbow Colors

I have been trying to come up with some fun ways to teach Sidney colors.  The website, I Can Teach My Child, has some great ideas.  Since Sidney loves rainbows and glue sticks, we decided to start with the rainbow project.  

We used construction paper and cotton balls but you could also use tissue paper or paint chips or Dot Markers.  I used makers to make dots on the rainbow.

When I was teaching Ava colors she picked up on it quickly.  I showed her the colors a few times and then I could just hold up a red crayon and ask, "What color is this?" and she'd say "Red!".  With Sidney, I've found that she learns better when I hold up a red crayon and ask her, "Is this crayon red or blue?" or I hold up three crayons and ask her to find the blue one. She does better with choices.  She seems to know the answer but can't come up with the word each time.

The rainbow project was a fun way to quiz Sidney on her colors without burning her out quickly.  I was surprised at how quickly she picked up on the colors when I posed the questions in ways that suited her learning style.  It was also a good color matching project.  Here is her finished product (with a little help from big sister, Ava, who just couldn't resist)!

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