Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Heart Zappos!

Is it just Ava or do other kids have super sensitive feet?  I feel bad because I'm sure I've inflicted this on her.  My feet are TERRIBLE!  I can barely wear a 1 inch heel and do so only on very special occasions.  Most shoes don't feel good on my feet.  Apparently Ava has my feet.  I dread having to buy her shoes.  Until now!  I just discovered the convenience of (I know I'm late to the game).  Zappos is great because you don't have to pay for the shipping on the order or the return.  So...I ordered THIRTY FIVE pairs of shoes for Ava to try on in the hopes of finding two that will work.  And I was successful!  Here's what Ava decided on:


See Kai Run

I made Ava wear them around the house for a few hours just to make sure she didn't decide that they hurt her feet.  These two brands seem to work well with sensitive feet.  The downside is that they're not cheap (around $50 a pair).  Anyone know of any brands of kids shoes that are comfy and less expensive?

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1 comment:

Boos Mom said...

35 pairs of shoes!!! I LOVE IT!! Zappos is really great and it sounds like I am not utilizing them like I should. :)

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