Thursday, May 24, 2012

Adventures in Fruit Picking

We have been cherry picking, blueberry picking, apple picking, pumpkin picking and now....STRAWBERRY PICKING at Thies Farm!  It's hard to say which is the most fun, but the girls and I practically had the whole strawberry field to ourselves today which was incredible!  Sidney ran up and down the rows of strawberries while Ava and I scoured the field for the best strawberries.

Can you find Sidney?

 The sun was so bright!

 We couldn't even wait to get home and eat!

Pick Your Own is a great website to find farms in your area.  It's not the prettiest website but it has the information you need.  You can find out the harvest schedule and it also has tips and recipes!  If you want to pick strawberries you should go soon - I'm not sure how much longer they'll be around to pick.

Trip down memory lane....
Cherry Picking with Ava in Traverse City, MI (2009)

Blueberry Picking with Ava in Freeland, MI (2009)

Apple Picking with Ava in Wisconsin (2009)

Pumpkin Picking with Ava and Sidney (not pictured) in Illinois (2010)

Pumpkin picking with Ava and Sidney in Missouri (2011)

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