Sunday, May 13, 2012

Food Allergy Awareness Week

When Sidney was diagnosed with a Dairy, Egg and Nut allergy it was very overwhelming.  I had no idea what to feed her that would be nutritious and fill her up.  Thankfully, the internet is filled with lots of great information.  Here are some of the websites that I've found helpful:

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network - This website is great for getting the latest news and information about research.  You can also sign up to get emails about food recalls related to undeclared food allergens.

Food Allergy Mama - This website has great recipes.   She also maintains an amazing, comprehensive list of websites and resources related to food allergies.

Living Without - I get their magazine which also allows me access to their website.  I love both. Their both informative and have yummy recipes.

Allergy Free Delights - This website has lots of delicious recipes.

Whole Foods - Whole Foods has a great recipe search.  You can narrow your search by various "special diets".

Here are some of my favorite "Sidney-approved" products:

Enfagrow Soy Toddler Formula - We buy this at Babies R Us or Target.

Organic Rice Dream - I was trying to reduce the amount of Soy that Sidney gets in her diet so I switched her to rice milk.  She didn't notice the difference.  I add it to her formula.  They sell this at Walmart now too! 

Earth Balance Soy Free Spread - This tastes just like butter to me.  They have lots of different spreads, including soy free.  I buy this at Whole Foods.

Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Sticks - These are a great substitute when I'm baking Sidney-approved treats.  I buy this at Whole Foods.

McCann's Irish Oatmeal - This is our go-to breakfast option most days.  I buy this at Whole Foods too.  I have heard that they sell it at Walmart now, but I haven't looked for it yet.

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Cookies - All of their products are free of the major food allergens.  Sidney likes the soft baked cookies.  They have lots of other yummy food too.  Whole Foods carries almost all, if not all, of their products.

Enjoy Life Mini Chips - These are great for baking.  I buy them at Whole Foods.

Ener-G Egg Replacer - This is a good egg substitute.  I use it to make pancakes and they turn out great!  The recipe is below.  Also, I buy this at Whole Foods.

Oreo Cookies - Sidney go-to treat of choice.  Last night we went to Ted Drews.  I was worried that Sidney would feel left out since she can't have custard, but she was perfectly happy to eat her Oreos.

Snapea Crisps - These are so delish!  I can sit down and eat half a bag if I'm not careful.  Sidney and Ava ask for them all the time.  They call them the "green sticks".  They sell them at Schnucks now; you can also get them at Whole Foods or Trader Joes.

Eden Vegetable Alphabets - Sidney loves these noodles with her Earth Balance spread.  She makes a total mess, but as long as she's eating that's all I'm worried about.  I buy these at Whole Foods.

Wacky Mac - These are another great vegetable noodle option.  And you can buy them at Schnucks!

Gardein Crispy Tenders - These are the perfect chicken finger alternative!  Both of my girls love them.  They sell them at Schnucks and Whole Foods.

Occasionally I make pancakes on the weekends and I found way to make them egg and dairy free - and they taste the same!!!  Here's the recipe:

2 cups Bisquick Heart Smart mix (you can also use Gluten Free Bisquick)
1 1/4 cup rice milk
1 1/2 tsp Ener-G Egg Replacer plus 2 T warm water (mix thoroughly before adding to other ingredients)
1 tsp gluten free vanilla
Fruit (strawberries, blueberries, bananas) and Enjoy Life Mini Chip (optional)
Earth Balance Soy-Free Spread
Maple Syrup

1.  Stir the Bisquick and rice milk until blended.
2.  Add the Ener-G Egg Replacer mixed with water and combine.
3.  Add vanilla.
4.  Pour onto a hot greased griddle (we use gluten free Pam).
5.  Add your toppings (fruit / chocolate chips) if desired.
6.  Cook until bubbles break on surface.  Flip and cook until golden brown.
7.  Top with Earth Balance Soy-Free spread and maple syrup.  Yum!

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