Monday, March 5, 2012

Pre-K Workbook

The girls and I have been sick with colds/viruses/ear infections (and me with the stomach flu this weekend) for the past few weeks - ugh.  It's gotten so bad that we had to postpone Sidney's second birthday party that was supposed to be this past weekend.  It's better off.  Ava is still coughing a juicy cough, Sidney is starting to get sick with a runny nose and cough and all I did was lay in bed all weekend, eat Saltines and drink Ginger Ale.

When I'm sick, all I want to do is sit in the shower for hours.  The girls and I have done A LOT of that lately.  It can get crowded in the shower, so to keep them from fighting we play games.  Lately, we get the shower doors all steamed up and write on them.  Sidney likes to be quizzed on shapes and Ava likes to write out the alphabet on the shower doors.  Her "finger" writing has improved over the past few months so I thought it was time to practice with a pen on paper.

I found the Alphabet and Number Handwriting Worksheets on the First-School website.  This website has lots of great free printables related to early childhood education.  I printed out the pages and put them in sheet protectors in a binder so that Ava can use a dry erase pen and reuse them.

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Unknown said...

I cannot find the link to obtain the worksheets.

Cathy said...

Hi Kelly,
The links can be accessed in the blog post by clicking on the "Alphabet" and "Number" hyperlinks (located in the last paragraph). I also copied and pasted them here.

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