Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY Felt Flowers - Part 1

I really want to make a wreath for my front door.  I've seen a lot of cute spring wreath ideas on Pinterest that involve felt flowers, but I've never made them before.  So Step 1 is figuring out how to make felt flowers and Step 2 is figuring out how to put them on a wreath in a cute and tasteful way.  As I learned how to make felt flowers I realized that I couldn't fit this all in one post.  So let's start with the felt flowers.  All you'll need is felt, a glue gun and scissors.

The Simple Flower:
First lightly trace a circle on your felt and cut it out.  You don't want to make dark pen marks - if you can use a pen in the shade of your felt that would be best.  Also, the bigger the circle, the bigger the flower.  Then cut a spiral through the circle.  Cut out the small circle at the middle of your spiral like this:

Begin to roll your felt, starting at the outside of the spiral working your way to the center.

Glue gun the small end of the felt to the base of the flower.

Now we need to glue gun the small circle to the base of the flower.

You made your first felt flower!

The Flower with Petals:
To make this flower, you first have to trace a circle onto your felt and then draw petals around the circle.  Your petals don't have to be perfect - you won't be able to tell once it's rolled up.  Also, a bigger circle is better for this flower.

Cut out your flower and begin to cut a spiral into the circle.

Roll up your flower, starting at the outside of the circle.  Stop when there are no more petal to roll up.

Snip off the felt where the petals end and glue the felt to the flower.

You're almost done!  Glue the small circle to the base of the flower and there you have it!

The Fluffy Flower:
I wasn't sure what to call this one.  "Fluffy" sounds about right.  First you need to trace a flower shape onto paper.  I used quarters (and one nickel because I ran out of quarters) to make the shape.

Then cut out your shape...

...and trace it onto your felt.  I traced 6 flowers but you may only need 5 or you may need 7 depending on how big a flower you plan to make.  I only ended up needing 5.  You also need to cut out a circle.  The size of the circle will determine how big your flower is.

To make the flower, take one flower cut out and fold it in half...

 ...and then in half again.

Cut off the tip of the flower.

Put a bit of glue on the end of the flower where you just cut it and glue it to the small circle.

Repeat with the remaining flower shapes and fit as many on as you can to fill out your flower.

Stay tuned for Part 2 - I'm going to make some felt flower hair bows for my girls!

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Way cute, love it!

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