Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Felt Flowers - Part 2

I am having way too much fun with felt!  This was my first attempt at making hair bows with felt.  I'm sure there's room for improvement but I was happy with how they turned out for my first try.

I hot glue gunned all the pieces together.  The butterflies are actually buttons.  You can find lots of buttons at Joann's.  I also bought some cute beads at Joann's that I'm going to work with next.

On the back of the bow, I hot glue gunned Alligator clips to the flower and then I stuck a felt circle over the top of the clip to catch the excess glue.  

One word of warning: Be careful with the amount of hot glue you use; too much will melt the felt.

I think next time I'll try making hair bows with ribbon!  Stay tuned!

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