Friday, July 18, 2014

STL 250 Cake Quest - Forest Park (Part 1)

The girls and I have been to the Missouri History Museum a few times this summer.  Clara couldn't be bothered to stay on the cake (or to pick up her toy that she left in front of the cake!). 

The new History Clubhouse is the BEST! If you haven't been, it's basically three huge connected play rooms. And to think this is only the temporary exhibit - they are still taking suggestions for the permanent exhibit that will be revealed next year.

 Even though there is so much to choose from, the girls still like storytime and arts and crafts.

 The grocery store area is one of their favorites! 

They also spend a lot of time playing in the tents.

One day, Clara insisted on wearing these goggles from the dress up area the entire time she played.

Some other perks of the History Clubhouse: it's free, there is a huge family restroom inside the play rooms, they clean the toys and have areas where you can leave toys that need to be cleaned and they have Wet Wipes throughout the play rooms. Can you tell I'm a bit of a germ-phobe. The scars from "The Pink Eye Epidemic of the Summer of 2014" are still here.

On our last visit to the History Museum I managed to leave my stroller and diaper bag in the parking lot.  Yep.  Just drove off without loading it into my car. Thankfully, we had met a friend there and she noticed my abandoned stroller. When I drove back to the History Museum I noticed the Fair St. Louis cake at the Grand Basin. After collecting my stuff from my friend, we headed back to Grand Basin to take pictures with the cake. So at least something positive came from my absentmindedness! 

After the History Museum, we usually head to Ted Drewes.  
I am still trying to stay away from processed sugar, but I have to cheat every once in a while!

The Summer Family Fun Series at the MO History Museum ends August 1st.  
Don't miss out! 

And be sure to check back to see Part 2 of the Forest Park Cake Quest!
Click here for a printable PDF version of the map.

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