Monday, July 14, 2014

STL 250 Cake Quest - MO Botanical Garden and The Hill

My favorite Cake Quest so far is this one!  It took all day; Clara had to take one for the team and skip her nap (which she happily did!).  By the end of the day we found 6 cakes and toured all over the Botanical Garden and The Hill.

Click here for a printable PDF version of the map.

We started out by finding the Brightside St. Louis cake.  It was right on the crazy intersection of Kingshighway and Southwest, but parking was very easy to find.

Brightside St. Louis was founded in 1982 to make St. Louis cleaner, greener and better.

Next we found the cake at the original Imo's Pizza location.
 The building is now empty.
 I love the pizza boxes on the bottom.
This is the only evidence that Imo's was once here.

After Imo's we headed over to Tower Grove Park.
After driving around forever, we finally found a park employee who could direct us to the cake.  It's right outside the Piper Palm House.

Then we headed to the MO Botanical Garden to find their cake.  It was right outside the Visitor's Center.
 We also went inside to see the Lego exhibit.

We also spent some time in the Children's Garden.

After the garden we drove over to The Hill.  There are 2 cakes on The Hill.  
The best cake I've seen yet is at Rigazzi's.
 The Hill cake is located outside Amighetti's.  Missing from the picture: Sidney. Clara pushed her off the cake moments before the photo was taken and she skinned up her knees.  It may be time to head home.  But not before stopping at Gelato di Riso across the street!
 Poor Sidney!  What a sad way to end the day!

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