Thursday, December 6, 2012

Newborn Photo Props and Poses

I love photography so it's no surprise that we've had professional newborn photos taken of all 3 of our girls.  Before my baby girls were born, I looked around on photographer's websites to get some ideas of poses that I liked and cute props to have on hand.  Here are some of my favorite newborn photos of my girls:

Clara's Newborn Photos
Clara was born right before Halloween.  I made a little tutu for her and bought a pumpkin hat on Etsy.
We decided to combine Clara's birth announcement with our Christmas card.  I bought the Santa hat on Etsy and our photographer, Keri Dummerth, brought the basket and blanket.

 A fluffy white blanket always looks good in newborn photos.
Candid shots are my favorite!

Sidney's Newborn Photos
 Our photographer (We were living in Chicago at the time - her name is Laura Eisenberg) Photoshop-ed the birth details on the heart.
 A friend of mine made the cute little hat for Sidney.
 White fluffy blanket again! 
 You can find the cutest headbands on Etsy.  

One of my favorite candid shots!

Ava's Newborn Photos
 I love tiny hand and feet photos.

 Ava was alert during most of the photo shoot - unusual for a newborn, but very typical for Ava.  She never wants to miss out on anything!  This picture always reminds me of that.
We were living in New York when Ava was born.  Amanda from Amanda K Photography spent 4 hours capturing these great memories for us.

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Becky R said...

Those photos of the close up with the red and white hat and the smiling, naked baby in the white fluff have to be some of the cutest baby pictures I have ever seen! And of course, the one with Tim and Clara yarwning wins for funniest!

Cathy said...

Thanks Rebecca! The "yawning" picture is actually Tim and Sidney, although I'm surprised that we don't have a picture of Clara yawning. Her nickname is "Lazy baby" because all she does is sleep and it's impossible to wake her up (except between the hours of 10pm and 2am when she's wide awake!). Hope you and boys are having fun getting ready for Christmas!

Unknown said...

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