Monday, December 10, 2012

A Year's Worth of Deals

Before you make any big Christmas purchases, check out this monthly list from Parents Magazine so you'll know when you can catch certain items on sale.  Happy Shopping!

Luggage - Retailers try to unload pieces that didn't sell during the holiday travel season.
Sports Equipment - The off-season (summer) equipment is on sale.
Exercise Equipment - Sales for the New Year's "get in shape" resolution-makers
Linens - This tradition started in 1878 so it's a sale few retailers miss.
Furniture - New styles hit the floor in February.

TV's - Retailers offer deals leading right up to Super Bowl Sunday.
Cameras and Camcorders - Trade shows for electronics happens in January so last year's models will be deeply discounted.
Winter Clothes - Because spring fashions are in stores, sale racks will be full of winter wear.

Grills - Come springtime, retailers are serious about unloading last year's models.

Save your money!  Sellers know that shoppers may have an influx of cash from their tax refunds so prices tend to go up.

Vacuums - New models arrive in June so consider buying one of last year's models.

Tools - The prices will drop just in time for Dad's big day

Furniture - The year's second crop arrives in stores in August so the old inventory has to go.

Summer Clothes - Fall fashions are up next so kids' warm weather essentials will be on sale.
Computers - Prices will drop in line with back-to-school time.  If you can, wait for a tax-free day to buy.
Small Appliances - Stores that sell microwaves and toaster jump on the back-to-school bandwagon too.

Cars - Dealers want to sell their old models to make room for new inventory so they start to drop prices now through the end of the year.
Outdoor Equipment - As store owners make room for leaf and snow blowers, they'll drop the prices of their lawn mowers and patio furniture.

Big Appliances - Stores offer discounts on washers, dryers, etc. to make room for next year's offerings.  You can save even more on floor models.

TV's - Thanksgiving and football season translate into some sweet deals.

Toys - It's a holiday miracle - the kids' stuff you want is actually on sale when you need it!

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