Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Butterfly Birthday Party

Ava is turning 4 in April and she has been asking for a Dora the Explorer birthday party for MONTHS.  I have been planning and working on the decorations off and on since January.  Today she told me that she also wants to have a butterfly birthday party.  HUH?  I politely explained to her that she will be having a Dora party because that is what I have planned per her initial request(s).  However, I planned a butterfly party for Ava's 1st birthday and I still have a lot of the decorations.  So we've compromised.  I will continue with the Dora decorations and pull out a few favorites from her first birthday party as well.  Everyone is happy :)

Here are a few of the butterfly party decorations:

Pin the Butterfly on the Flower
I made this using a big piece of white poster board and I cut the flower and grass out of construction paper.  Then I stuck some butterfly stickers around the flower and had it all laminated.  I found some large butterflies for "pinning on the flower" and had them laminated as well.  Most of the kids were pretty little so we didn't blindfold them.  They just tried to stick the butterfly on the flower anywhere they could.  Here's Ava:

Butterfly Pinata
We gave the kids butterfly nets to "catch" the goodies as they fell out of the pinata.

Butterfly Craft Project
The kids used crayons and foam stickers to decorate their butterflies.  You can kind of see the example I made hanging in the background.

Butterfly Cake
I think I will be reusing some of these butterflies on Ava's Dora cake!

Butterfly Outfit

I bought Ava's outfit from Adrienne at Stitcheroos.  She makes the CUTEST tutus and outfits!  

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! Where did you find the nets? I am also planning a butterfly party. I hope my daughter doesn't change her mind lol

Cathy said...

Thanks! It was such a fun party. I think I bought the butterfly nets on Ebay (it was so long ago, my daughter is now turning 5!), but I've also seen them at Dollar Tree stores. You might also want to check at Target's dollar section. This is the perfect time of year to find butterfly nets for cheap!

FS said...

Can you share the template for the butterflies in the craft activity????

Cathy said...

I actually bought the butterflies on the Oriental Trading website. This was over 5 years ago so I'm not sure if they still have them, but I did see this craft:
Good luck!

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