Tuesday, July 1, 2014

STL 250 Cake Quest - Chesterfield

Like many people in St. Louis, the girls and I are spending our summer in search of STL 250 cakes.  I looked over the list and identified about 80 cakes/locations that I was interested in seeing. The first stop on Tour de Cakes...Chesterfield!

Click here for a PDF version of this map.

So far we've visited 4 locations on the map (A-D) in 2 days.  Here are some pictures from the locations.

Bonhomme Old Stone Church (D) 
Sidney's preschool's old church has a cake!

Butterfly House at Faust Park (C)
We stopped by the playground and the Carousel before we left.

There are 19 gnomes hidden among the butterflies.

Faust Park Playground

Clara loves carousels.  They are a must.

 Spirit of St. Louis Airport (A)
We stuck around to see a couple of planes taking off.

Old US Air Force plane out front

 Kemp Auto Museum (B)
Yes, Sidney is posing with a pastry brush.  She's been carrying it around for days.

Now on to our next cake adventure - Forest Park!

PS - Click here if you want to see some of our other STL 250 Cake Quests.

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