Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School

Ava started preschool this week!  This is her last year of preschool - unbelievable.  The four year old's get to visit their classroom the week before school starts to meet their teachers and explore the room.  We also got her school bag to take home and decorate.  After a trip to Hobby Lobby and Michael's, Ava finally decided on how she wanted to decorate her bag.  Here's how it turned out:



The night before Ava's first day of school we made her "First Day Of Preschool" sign.  I bought the frame (pre-cut frames only were on sale 50% off) and purple poster board at Hobby Lobby.  The frame did not come with glass or a backing, which was fine because the glass would have caused a glare and made it heavy to hold.  I used a black Sharpie to write on the poster board.

Ava was so excited she could barely sleep the night before school.  The next morning, she wanted to get to school so badly that she didn't want to take her picture.  I said that was fine, we could take the picture another time.  Then she told me, "Well, you can take my picture and I'll smile but I'm not going to enjoy it."  Classic.  I think she did alright. 

Love my big, silly girl!

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