Monday, September 3, 2012

Dollar Crafts - Jewelry Boxes

Ava and Sidney love to watch Max and Ruby on Nick Jr.  It's such a sweet cartoon about a little bunny, Max, and his big sister, Ruby.  Max is always getting into Ruby's things (much like Sidney does to Ava).  On one episode, Max is determined to get a hold of Ruby's jewelry box.  And he does.  The show teaches tolerance and problem solving between siblings, which is something we're always working on in this house.

When I found these wooden jewelry boxes with photo slots at Micheal's (on clearance for $1.50!!!) I knew it would be a fun painting project for the girls.  And hopefully a little reminder of problem solving lessons from Max and Ruby.

We had a very rainy Labor Day weekend - the perfect opportunity for some indoor art projects.

 We were out at Nana and Papa's lake house over Labor Day weekend.  Don't you love the old, retro high chair!

The finished boxes!
 Unfortunately, I haven't printed pictures in a long time so the girls photos for their jewelry boxes are over a year old!

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