Monday, April 16, 2012

Ava's Dora the Explorer Birthday Party

I am amazed that this party actually happened.  My girls have been sick with allergy problems for a week (and they are still suffering!).  I thought for sure we'd have to postpone the party.  But I was wrong!  Here are some pictures of the food and decorations.

The Birthday Cake
I bought the cake at Walmart!  It tasted great and was much cheaper than going to a bakery.

Cake Pops

I don't care for cake but I loved these cake pops!  I'll post the recipe later this week.

Table Centerpieces
To make the bags: I bought purple gift bags and cut off the handles.  Then I printed the backpack faces using this template on colored paper.  Then I cut out the face and glued it to the bag.  I put craft foam at the bottom of the bags to hold the sticks and decorations in place. Then I stuffed tissue paper over the craft foam and placed purple flowers on top.

Dessert Table Decorations
 I found these large cups at Party City.  I put craft foam at the bottom to hold the sticks in place, and tissue paper and flowers on top.  

I found these cute tin purses at Walmart around Valentine's Day.  You could tie balloons from them for decoration.  I knew my girls would want to carry them around so I just set them out by the desserts.

Party Hat
I bought the party hats at Party city and decorated them with pom pom balls.

Number 4 Collage
I printed pictures of the highlights of Ava's past year and arranged them in the number 4.

Balloon Wreath
Click here for instructions on how I made this balloon wreath.

Dora Helium Balloon
I got this balloon at Deals.  It only cost $3!!

Happy Birthday Ava!  I love you!

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Val RC said...

Nice ideas... i specially liked the number collage... getting ready for my girl 3rd bday next month......

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