Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards

Ava's preschool is having their Valentine's Day party tomorrow.  Her teachers sent home a note about the party to let us know that there are 15 kids in the class so we should prepare 15 valentines.  Huh?  So Ava gives herself her own valentine?  I guess this is standard preschool practice but I don't remember ever giving myself a valentine.  After Ava and I made the valentines I understood the school's protocol.  Ava has been carrying around her own valentine all day.  Glad I had some extras!

I found this idea for a homemade Valentine in my Parents magazine.  It was very easy and inexpensive to do.

I bought everything at Michael's.  All of their Valentine stuff was on sale, including the pencils (20 in a pack).  One package of pipe cleaners cost under a dollar.  For the hearts, I bought a large sheet of pink foam board (I used a 40% off coupon for this - you can always find coupons on Michael's website) and traced and cut out hearts.  I used a Sharpie to write a message on the heart.  Then I made a small hole at the bottom of the heart using the tip of a sharp knife.  The hole does not need to be big - the pipe cleaners will fit right through and the heart will stay upright.  Twist the pipe cleaner around the pencil and you're done!

We are supposed to get some serious snow in St. Louis today.  I hope Ava's school isn't called off tomorrow.  

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Treeves said...

Baby, I like how you go through the cost of your materials. We need a bottom line price per valentine on this one.

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