Friday, February 24, 2012

The Paper Gate

First of all, I have to give my mom credit for this idea.  She invented the Paper Gate and uses it at her house.  Second of all, I am not a child proofing expert.  This gate is not foolproof.  If it doesn't feel safe enough for you and your kids, you'll know better.

My little one, Sidney, is part human-part monkey.  She is nothing like Ava.  Ava is cautious and careful whereas Sidney is fearless and reckless.  She is constantly hurting herself.  So when we moved into our home, I knew we needed to close off the steps.

I wanted a gate in my front entry way that was cute and wouldn't ruin the wood on my banisters and spindles.  To make this Paper Gate, I cut out one side a large shipping box and covered it with wrapping paper.  I secured it to the spindles using sticky Velcro.  Works like a charm!

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