Monday, January 6, 2014

Rainbow Loom

I took a blogging break over the holidays to hang out with my family but I'm finally starting to get back into my routine.  It was a fun and crazy Christmas with three little ones under the age of 5!  Santa sure had his work cut out for him this year.  Ava and Sidney asked for "real witches" for Christmas (or as Sidney said it "weal witches"!).  They are still having Halloween withdrawal.  I wasn't sure what Santa would come up with but I knew he'd better pull through!  Here's what the girls found on Christmas morning...

 Witch costumes, a cauldron and potions!  Oh my!

 According to Ava and Sidney, the green potion turns you into a frog and the pink potion turns you back!   The pom pom balls make it look like a bubbly potion!
To top it off, the girls got to make actual potions.  This was the coolest part - we made potions all morning!  But I refuse to post pictures because Tim and I are in them in our PJs with bed head!  Sorry!

The girls also got a Rainbow Loom.

It all began when a friend of Ava's from school gave her a Rainbow Loom bracelet...and then Sidney lost it.  You haven't seen tears until you see one sister lose another sister's prized possession.  It was a good excuse for me to head over to Micheal's to buy our very own Rainbow Loom and see what all the fuss is about.

I have only made the fishtail bracelet but I can see how it can become addicting.  
Ava wanted a dog collar for her puppy.  She and Sidney are obsessed with all puppy related things ever since they discovered Paw Patrol!

Now I'm looking up YouTube videos to figure out how to make the more complex bracelets. Click here to access the Rainbow Loom YouTube channel for instructional videos. I think I'll try adding charms (or maybe a dog tag!) to my next bracelet/dog collar.

I hope you all had a very Happy New Year!

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