Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dollar Crafts - Valentine's Heart Wreath

It's been a while since I posted a Dollar Craft.  Sidney got a bunch of paint for Christmas so it seems like all we've been doing lately is painting.

Valentine's Day is coming up fast and the girls keep asking if we are going to decorate the house.  I don't know about you but after Christmas I find it hard to motivate myself to decorate for Valentine's Day and Easter.  The good thing is that the kids do expect much! 

I showed them an example of this Valentine's Heart Wreath that I found on Pinterest and they were excited to make one to hang in their rooms.  I'm glad they went for it because I had all the supplies we needed at home!  Here's what we used:
white card stock for the wreath (or a paper plate will do)
red, pink and Valentine-patterned paper to make hearts
red ribbon to hang wreath
glue stick & scissors

To cut out the hearts, I folded a piece of paper and cut out a half-heart shape.  Ava is good enough at cutting now that she was able to help cut out hearts too!

We taped a red ribbon to the back of the wreath and here's how they turned out.  So cute!

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