Monday, January 6, 2014

Birthday Fail

It was a bit of a snowmageddon in St. Louis this past Sunday.  Some places had over 12 inches dumped on them in just one day.  I had been stuck in the house for days and was willing to do anything to get some peace and quiet.  ANYTHING.  Even shovel the driveway. My dad pointed out that I never shoveled the driveway as a kid, and possibly never in my life (I have 3 older brothers so why should I??!!).  

It took me 2 hours.  The temperature was around 14 degrees and the wind was blowing around 20 mph.  But I was super bundled.  My three layers of pants gave everyone a good laugh.  Thankfully there are no pictures for proof!

I should mention that I have exercised for a total of 6 hours over the past 5 years.  So when I woke up this morning I found myself to be nearly immobile.  Of course all my kids are home because school is called off and Tim has gone back to work so this poses a bit of a problem for me.  From my bed, I told Ava to open the pantry door and "have at it".

My current state also comes at an inopportune time for Tim - we are celebrating his 36th birthday tonight!  I have done nothing to prepare and now I'm incapable of doing much of anything.

I drug my body down to the basement and searched through the "Birthday Stuff" box.  I found this:

Here's what we came up with:


I also found these candles:
See how it makes a 36?  No one has turned 6 yet, so we don't have that number candle.  We also don't have any treats that I can shove these candles in so I think I'll make him a peanut butter sandwich and stuff them on top.

I'm going to have the girls make some cards - as a parent, you can't really scoff at homemade cards right?

Poor guy.  Tim is such a great dad and husband and deserves better.  I hope that getting out of shoveling the driveway was a good enough gift for him :/

Happy 36th babe!

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