Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy 35th!

Today is my hubby's 35th birthday!  I hope he will forgive me for my lack of birthday planning.  I'm still getting used to life with 3 little ones.  I usually decorate the house and get a cake.  Not this year.  I have no balloons, no crepe paper, no cake, and no gifts (unless you count the boxers that I found 40% off at Gap this past weekend that I'm going to try to pass off as a gift).  Pretty pathetic.

Tim's parents came over on Saturday night and we celebrated the January birthdays at my mom and dad's house last night so his birthday was not forgotten entirely.  And it was spent with family which is what matters most.

His parents are coming over to watch the girls tonight so we can have a night out!  That really is the best gift EVER!  And even though it's not from me, I hope it makes his day special. It's our first night out since Clara was born.  Much needed and much appreciated.  Thank you Nana and Papa Reeves!!!

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