Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dollar Crafts - Painting with Painters Tape

Over the Christmas holiday the girls were painting in our art room and I happened to have some painters tape laying around.  {Leftover from my attempts to decorate the walls in the art room - a project that is proving to take much longer than expected...}

I found some card stock (you'll want to use thick, heavy paper so that you don't tear the paper when you remove the painters tape) and created hearts using painters tape:

Then the girls went to work painting all over the paper (Please forgive me for always taking pictures of my kids in their PJ's and bedhead.  We don't get out much these days because of baby Clara so I don't find it to be important to be dressed up just to sit around the house all day.):

Then let the masterpiece dry with the painters tape in place:

Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the painters tape to reveal your heart:

The girls were amazed at how this turned out.  These would be cute to frame and hang in the art room or their bedrooms.

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