Friday, June 8, 2012


Ava is going through a "stamp" phase right now.  I think it all started at gymnastics class.  At the end of class, the coach gives all the kids a stamp on their arm.  Each week it's a different stamp.  Ava is so bummed when it finally washes off (which is like, 3 days later!  I really need to buy the coach some washable ink.).

Anyway, Ava has been raiding my stamp collection.  I keep finding my stamps all over the house.  So now I'm on the hunt to find Ava her own stamps.  The thing is - STAMPS ARE EXPENSIVE!  There is a cupcake stamp at Hobby Lobby that Ava has had her eye on for months but I refuse to buy it because it costs $9!!!!  Are stamps really that hard to make to justify this cost???  

Apparently not.  Yesterday I scored BIG on stamps at Michael's.  They have a big bin of stamps right by the register at the Michael's store in Chesterfield Valley.  They're mostly Easter-ish stamps, Halloween stamps and some other miscellaneous stamps.  Here's what I got:
The stamps on the left cost (drum roll please) ONE PENNY!!!  And the hot air balloon stamp cost ONE DOLLAR!!!  I also had a 20% off coupon :)

I also like to check the Dollar section at Target for stamps.  Last week I found this:

There are four stamps on one block and it cost only ONE DOLLAR.  The stamp pad was just a dollar too!

Another option is making your own stamps.  I found an easy tutorial on Pinterest where you use bottle tops and foam shapes.  Click here for the tutorial.

Have fun stamping!

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