Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Best Summer Toys for Toddlers

I am so excited for summer this year!  Last summer we were stuck indoors the entire time because my little one, Sidney, developed Eczema from outdoor allergens.  We all had cabin fever.  Thankfully, the Eczema did not return this year!!!  My new found freedom is encouraging me to spend as much time outdoors as possible this summer.  I made a wish list of some fun (mostly outdoor) summer toys for kids.  Do your kids have a favorite summer toy?

Gazillion Bubble Rocket
$18 - Bubbles AND a rocket!  The kids are going to have to tear Tim and I away from it if they want a turn!

Crayola Critters Chalk Maker
$10 - What kid doesn't like chalk?  Now you can buy them in cute little shapes.

Geyser Blast Sprinkler
$22 - For those of us without a pool, this crazy sprinkler is the next best thing on a hot day.

Jungle Croquet Set
$40 - We love a little friendly competition mixed with some cute jungle animals!

Dolphin Kickboard
$8 - For those of you with access to a pool, this dolphin makes a pretty cute kickboard.  They  also make a shark kickboard.

Chicco Balance Bike
$50 - This is a great price for a balance bike and it got great user reviews online.

Disney iHome Portable Stereo Speaker System
$40 - How cute is this for the beach!  It come in 4 different characters.

Kids Ring Toss
$20 - This is a cute outdoor game and can also be reused for birthday parties.

Buzzing Bee Flyer
$10 - It's a kite for little ones!  You can throw it to make it soar or spin it around.

Hop & Squeak Pogo Jumper
$15 - Let your kids work off some energy on this toy.  And you can use it indoors in the winter.

T-Ball Set
$20 - This toy is great for the little slugger that is just learning to hit the ball.

$50 - No pedals, no batteries, no gears.  Just runs on kid power!

Roller Skates
$25 - This is a great starter skate set.

Soft Tip Sky Darts
$14 - Ready, aim, throw!  So much safer than the old school Jarts that I used to play with.

Symphony in B
$50 - You be the conductor!  Choose any 6 instruments and hear them play together.  It is also a great shape sorter toy.  I just love all the toys from this company.

Roll & Play
$20 - A game designed just for toddlers that is perfect for a rainy day.  Just roll the cube and identify which colored side faces up.  Choose a matching color card and perform the activity shown.

Spanish Alphabet & Number Sound Puzzles
$20 each - Don't let all that knowledge gained at school fall to the waste side.  Keep up on your Spanish with these puzzles!

Keen Backseat Backpack
$50 - A back pack that doubles as a seat!  Perfect for all those summer outings.

Happy Summer!

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