Thursday, March 29, 2012

Good Deed and Time Out Chart

We have tried many discipline techniques with our girls but Time Outs seem to work best.  This chart is great for two reasons: (1) Ava actively seeks out things that she can do to earn a Good Deed smiley face, and (2) It helps keep things in perspective.  When Ava is having a bad, misbehaving day, I can tend to focus on the negative.  This chart helps remind me of the good things she's done and I try to focus on that.

To make this:

1.  I bought a large, square piece of card stock and wrote out the details with a Sharpie.  I laminated the sign so that it would last longer.

2.  I made the smiley faces using my circle cutter with card stock.  I had them laminated too.

3.  I wrote the days of the week on card stock, cut them out and laminated them.

4.  Then I bought circle-shaped sticky Velcro for the smiley faces and the days of the week to stick to.  I put the soft side of the Velcro on the green card stock and the rough side on the backs of the smiley faces and days of the week.

5.  The back of the sign holds the extra pieces.  I just cut strips of sticky Velcro and spaced them across the back of the sign.

6.  Then I hole punched it and added a piece of ribbon and hung it up in the kitchen.

I know all kids are different and this won't work for all kids but it's certainly helped us.  When Tim gets home from work, he always asks Ava how her day was.  They look at the chart and talk about when went well and what didn't.  It helps Ava take responsibility for her good deeds and time outs!

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