Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dollar Crafts: Valentine's Day Bookmarks

The girls wanted to give their teachers a Valentine's Day gift.  Not just a card, but a real gift. I saw some felt Valentine's Day stickers at Michaels and Valentine's Day ribbon in the dollar bins at Michaels (score!) and thought maybe they could make some bookmarks to go with a gift card to Half Price Books (one just opened by us!).

To make the bookmarks, we cut a piece of ribbon and stuck to matching stickers together over the ribbon on both ends.

Then you just stick the ribbon in the book to mark your page!  I probably could have found a cute Valentine-y book, but this was what I came up with when I dug through Tim's nightstand books.  

We'll just string this bookmark through a gift card envelop and hope the teachers appreciate the thought!  My girls LOVE their teachers.  A good teacher really makes a difference in a child's life.  And I just love them for loving my girls.  Valentine's Day is such a great holiday to remind teachers how important they are.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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