Monday, November 10, 2014

1st Grade Halloween Party

I had such a fun time helping plan the Halloween party for Ava's 1st Grade class!  Take a look below if you need party ideas!  Also, click here to see my 1st Grade Halloween Party Pinterest board for other ideas.

The party was broken up into 4 parts.  It lasted for 1 hour.

Part 1
To start the party off, one parent read the book, "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat!" by Lucille Colandro while the other parents set up and decorated the room. Each time the word "swallowed" was read the kids stood up or sat down.
We set up 3 tables: two tables for the craft and one table that held the snacks and drinks. We decorated the tables with purple plastic table cloths.

Part 2
After the story we split the kids up into 2 groups.  One group played Pin the Eyes on the Monster and took pictures in the Monster Photo Booth and one group did the Spider Handprint Craft.  We switched after 15 minutes.

Pin the Eyes on the Monster
I made the monster out of card stock and adhered it to a piece of colored cardboard that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  To make the monster eyes, I used colored cardstock, circle punches in various sizes and googly eyes, which I stuck on with a hot glue gun.  To make the blindfold, I found these Halloween glasses in the dollar bins at Target and I covered up the eye holes with black card stock.  After the kids pinned the eyes on the monster they got to pick out a Halloween prize (Target dollar bin stuff).

Monster Photo Booth

I bought the digital file template of the Monster eyes and Monster mouths on Etsy.  I had them printed on white cardstock and taped them to orange and white paper straws.  For a backdrop, I bought 1 yard of the black and orange chevron print fabric from Joann's.  And another room mom had the Polaroid frame custom cut at Hobby Lobby.  We took each of the kids' pictures in the photo booth. 

Spider Handprint Craft
Another room mom purchased the square canvases at Blick Art Supply and painted them orange.  We used black acrylic paint for the handprint and a black Crayola marker to draw the spider webs/decorations. It got a little messy but we had wet wipes and paper towels to wipe off the kids' hands before they headed to the bathroom to wash up.
Part 3
The kids came back together to eat the Halloween Treat - Ghostly Grub!
We have some kids with food allergies and we like to try to include everyone in the snack so the Ghostly Grub consisted of mini marshmallows, popcorn, Skittles and Gummy Bears.  We found some cute ghost bags in the dollar bins at Target.  The kids LOVED it!

Part 4
We had some time left at the end of the party so we played Halloween Bingo.  The Bingo cards were made by Crazy Little Projects.  We used Smarties to cover the board.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!!!

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Anonymous said...

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here is the strategy to use. Thank you for giving me some cool ideas.

cs said...

How did you make the monster with the construction paper? It doesn’t look like there are any seams. Did you lay them all out, tape them then draw the monster on them?

Cathy said...

Hi cs...I used one large piece of poster board to trace the monster and then cut it out.

cs said...

Thanks! It is so cute!
I don't have the best drawing skills but I'm going to give it a try.
Thank you for sharing all your ideas.

Cathy said...

I am not good at drawing freehand either but I folded a large piece of art paper in half and drew half of the monster, then I cut it out so it would be symmetrical. Then I traced that cut out onto the posterboard. Good luck!

cs said...

Great tip! Thank you. 😊

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