Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY Gift Tags

I was putting together a baking gift basket for my cousin who's getting married and I made her some gift tags like these with her married name.

To make them, I downloaded some free clip art and formatted everything on a Word document.  Click here for the file.  I printed the file on colored card stock.  Then I used my large gift tag craft punch to punch out the tags.  Lastly, I hole punched them and strung a thin, white ribbon through the hole punch.  It was so easy that I ended up making gift tags for a bunch of friends that enjoy baking like me!

I also have some crafty friends that sew, which prompted me to make these tags:

Click here for the file to make your own gift tags!  These are so easy to make.  I think I'll make some generic "Happy Birthday" gift tags for all the kid birthday parties that my girls are invited to.  Stay tuned!

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