Monday, April 7, 2014

Challenge Accepted

Are you ready for a challenge?

On April 9th, Eve O. Schaub, author of Year of No Sugar: A Memoir, is challenging others to take the "Day of No Sugar" Challenge. That means not consuming any foods or drinks that contain any additive sweeteners such as table sugar, honey, molasses, maple syrup, agave, fruit juice, fake sugar or sugar alcohols.

I read an article about her experience and I have to say I'm curious.  I feel tired all the time and I've come with a lot of excuses:
- I have 3 young kids.
- Taking care of kids all day is pretty labor intensive.
- I need to go to bed earlier at night.
- I could afford to eat more healthy.
- I don't exercise like I should.

I like to think that I am health-conscious and make efforts to eat healthy foods.  But I certainly enjoy treats!  I don't think I could deprive myself of sugary treats forever, but I'm curious if I'd see changes if I reduced my sugar intake.  If Eve O. Schaub and her family could do this for A YEAR, I can certainly do this for a day, right?  We'll see I guess!

I just found out about this challenge as I type this so I don't have a well thought-out food plan for April 9th. But I thought I'd share it with you in case anyone else wants to take the "Day of No Sugar" challenge with me.  And if you have any food suggestions, please share!  Otherwise, I'll be eating omelettes and fruit all day!

Update: See my results here!

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