Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Lights in St. Louis Hills: Candy Cane Lane, Angel Avenue and Snowflake Street

Tim and I took the girls to the St. Louis Hills to see the lights.  If you live in St. Louis this is a fun (and FREE) activity to do with your kids.  They really go all out!  Here's the route we took:

Candy Cane Lane: 6300 - 6500 block of Murdoch Avenue
Candy Cane Lane starts at the intersection of Nottingham Avenue and Murdoch Avenue.

Angel Avenue: 4700 block of Prague Avenue
To get to Angel Avenue:
Continue down Murdoch and then turn right on Prague Avenue to see Angel Avenue.  The house in the picture below has a great light show set to music!

Snowflake Street: 6500 - 6600 block of Neosho Street
To get to Snowflake Street:
Continue down Prague and turn right on Nottingham Avenue.  Pass the park and turn left on Donovan Avenue.  The first street on the right is Neosho Street (aka; Snowflake Street).

And a trip to the Hill is never complete without a stop at Ted Drewes!
To get to Ted Drewes:
Continue down Neosho Street and turn right on Jamieson Avenue and then right again on Chippewa Street and Ted Drewes is on your right!  You can even pick out a Christmas tree here!

Merry Christmas!!!

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Anonymous said...

WheN Do The Lights Come On At Candy Cane Lane?

Cathy said...

The lights are usually on the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Cathy said...

No but they used to have people collecting donations for a charity. Not sure if they’re still doing that this year because of COVID.

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