Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kindergarten Halloween Party

Ava's Kindergarten party was a success!  Take a look below if you need party ideas!

The party was broken into three parts.

Part 1
To start the party off, one parent read the book, "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything" by Linda Williams while the other parents set up and decorated the room.

We set up 4 tables: two tables for the craft, one table that held the snacks and drinks and one table for eating / drinking.  We decorated the tables with orange plastic table cloths and paper pumpkins.

Part 2
After the story, we split the kids up into 3 groups: Ghosts, Vampires and Witches.  One group went to the snack table, one group went to do the craft and one group went to play the game.  Every 10 minutes, the groups rotated to a different table.

For the snack, we had 5 Halloween bowls with:
- Skittles (Cat Eyes)
- Mini Marshmallows (Ghost Guts)
- Raisins (Bat Brains)
- Pretzel sticks (Witches Broom Sticks)
- Candy Corn (Chicken Toes)

We labeled each of the bowls with their Halloween name on a paper skeleton bone.  The kids scooped out their snacks into Halloween baggies labeled with their name.  Click here for more Halloween snack food ideas.

For our craft, the kids made spider hats.  We also added googly eyes on the spider.

For the game, we played Mister Bones Relay Race.  
We split the kids into two teams and the first team to correctly assemble Mister Bones won. Click here to download the printable skeleton template.  I cut out all the pieces and then laminated them.  I also put together and example for the kids to follow.  Some of the leg and arm pieces are tricky!

We played the game twice and everyone won a prize (from the Dollar Store) at the end. While the kids waited to move on to the next station, they did a Pumpkin Connect-the-Dots and a Pumpkin Maze and then colored them in.

Part 3
For the last activity, we brought all the kids back together for a game of "Hot Pumpkin".  
To play "Hot Pumpkin" the kids sit in a circle and pass a small pumpkin as Halloween music plays.  When the music stops, the child holding the pumpkin is "out".  When they are "out" they get to come pick a Ghost Lollipop from the pumpkin.  The kid that wins gets to keep the "hot pumpkin" and pick a ghost lollipop. Click here to see how to make the Ghost Lollipop pumpkin.

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

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