Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lollipop Pumpkins

The preparations for Clara's pumpkin party are well underway.  Thank goodness I started planning a month ago because I've been a bit in over my head with the girls' school stuff.

Planning a pumpkin-themed birthday party near Halloween is the best - there are a million fun ideas everywhere you look!  I found these Lollipop Pumpkins through Pinterest and made them for table decorations.  Here's how I made them:

What You Need:
- Orange poster board
- Pumpkin cut outs
- Lollipops
- Green pipe cleaners
- Green paper (for the leaves)
- Hay (optional)

What You Do:
1.  Cut out long strips from the orange poster board.  Remember that it needs to be wide enough to cover your pumpkin and lollipop.
2.  Fold the orange strips into a triangle shape.  I cut out a slit at the top of the triangle for the paper to fold over the lollipop stick.
3.  Before taping the pumpkin to the front of the triangle, I taped a piece of black paper to the back of the pumpkin.
4.  Cut out a leaf shape from your green paper, poke the pipe cleaner through the end and secure it around the stem of the pumpkin and the lollipop stick.
5.  Lastly, I used double stick tape to adhere the hay below the pumpkin.

Having to stare at all these cute pumpkins is pure torture for my kids!  They can't wait to tear into those lollipops!

Clara's birthday party is this weekend!  Check back to see all the pumpkin decorations.

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