Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Daddy Date Cards

It's almost Father's Day!  Here's what the girls (mostly Ava) and I came up with for Tim's gift this year:

Ava came up with the "date" ideas and drew the pictures.  Some of my favorites:  Fishing with Dada (that would be a first!), Bird Watching with Dada (another first - I think she's referring to our new neighbors), Going on a Walk with Dada, Riding Bikes with Dada, and Sleepover with Dada (she told me that I'd have to spend the night with Clara!).   The girls are so excited for their dates.  Dads are so much fun!

I found everything at Michael's:
- Chipboard book for the front and back cover
- Solid card stock double stick taped to chevron card stock (all pre-cut) for the inside pages
- Chevron card stock and sticker letters for the front cover design
- Fabric stick tape to adhere the front cover design to the chipboard

I also framed a picture of Tim running the bases at Busch Stadium with Ava and Sidney (not the best picture but oh well).  He was pretty excited to be on the field.  I found this cute Cardinal frame at Hobby Lobby.  They have the best frames.

There are a lot of cute Father's Day questionnaires for kids.  Click here for my "Daddy" Pinterest page for questionnaires and more gift ideas.

Happy Father's Day!

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